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Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers...

Valentine’s Day Isn’t just for lovers
It’s that time of year, the month of love. Do you totally dread February with all it’s lovey dovey-ness…? Or are you like me and you absolutely love the month of LOVE! 
Maybe you didn’t know that about me but I really love Valentine’s Day, and always have! It’s actually one of my favorite holidays regardless of my relationship status! I have always made sure to have plans on Valentine’s day whether that be getting together to celebrate my incredible friendships, sending out handmade love notes to family or indulging in a full night of self care, meal delivery included! 
I love that there is a day dedicated to showing yourself and others how much you care about them and I think it is 100% necessary to go all in! This year I really want to encourage you to take the time to do something that involves a little love! May that be a romantic night out, a family dinner and game night, a night of cocktails with your girls or a day of self care for you!
If you aren’t so familiar with how to show yourself a little extra love – there are so many ways to do that! Show yourself some love by taking the time to go on that overdue day trip! Treat yourself to that piece of jewelry that you know will make you feel great when you wear it! Give a gift to one of your gal pals who is always there for you! When we treat ourselves or others we are able to show up feeling more worthy. Don’t you feel great after you’ve treated yourself to a massage or a new manicure?! 
If you’re looking for a gift that continues to give, let me suggest a piece of jewelry! Obviously I’m biased, but these pieces are going to give back to you on a regular basis. Each time you put them on it will be a reminder of why you bought them in the first place. A reminder of the love that you have for yourself, that you are worthy and deserve beautiful things! 
These badass hoops look like they could take on the world, and guess what, they can! These are the Strength Hoops, they are the perfect piece to show yourself some love while they fight off negativity. Even on those days that you’re having a tough time, they can be that physical reminder of your continued love and compassion for you! You do have the strength you need! 
.Sterling Silver Strength Hoops
These stunning, pink earrings hold a magical cobalto calcite stone. Cobalto calcite will enhance your love for yourself as well as your love for others. It is the perfect stone to wear as your loving reminder of just how incredible you are! 
.Sterling Silver Cobalto Calcite Earrings
This adorable crystal inspired necklace holds super powers! The best part, you get to choose how they are used. The Lil More necklace is there to give you whatever you may need more of today, and everyday. As you put it on, whisper to yourself what you need more of and the Lil More necklace will have your back!
.Lil More Gold Plated Necklace
I dare you to give in this year and go big! These past few years have been hard, you deserve it. Treat yourself to a day full of love and indulgence!
As always -- I'm sending you strength and love! XOXO! Cassondra 
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