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#LuckyWomenUnite #EachForEqual #CassondraJustineJewelry #LuckyBrand
Hello There Lovelies and Happy Friday!!!
I hope you are feeling absolutely fabulous this Friday -- because let’s face it, we are all SO stoked that it’s friday! But, I am even more excited today since I get to share something fun, and a little more about me that you may not know! 
So let's get to it! 
Cassondra Justine has been around for a little under 2 years now--man does time fly! I wanted to create my own brand for so many reasons, but it boils down to a couple things that are the most special. 
#1.)  I absolutely love jewelry. I love making jewelry, I love wearing jewelry, I love jewelry shopping, I love learning about jewelry, overall I love all things jewelry. {This is not an exaggeration y’all. I REALLY love jewelry, borderline obsessed...} 
#2.) It is truly a magical moment when you see someone put on a piece of jewelry that you have made and they have a physical reaction. They carry themselves differently, they are PROUD to wear your art, they FEEL beautiful inside and out. It’s honestly all an artist could ever hope for, to share their art and for it to make an impact on someone!
That being said, if it’s not enough to be completely obsessed with jewelry and to  have my personal jewelry brand, I ALSO work full time as a jewelry designer for Lucky Brand! {check out Lucky Brand jewelry here!}
Designing for a larger brand, I am able to take part in the design process and impact even MORE ladies lives through jewelry design! I was able to find a career that motivates and challenges me. Finding my passion created a confidence in myself that I didn’t know was possible. As a jewelry designer, I feel incredibly Lucky {pun intended} that I get to share my passion designing a product that is meant to make women feel confident. I believe that when a woman feels great on the outside it will make her feel even greater on the inside. In turn, empowered, confident women are fearless and believe in themselves, they are able to uplift and motivate other women to feel the same!
#LuckyWomenUnite #EachForEqual #CassondraJustineJewelry #LuckyBrand
As a supporter of Women’s Month and International Women’s Day, Lucky Brand interviewed women from their HeadQuarters (I was one of the Lucky Ladies) for the #LuckyWomenUnite campaign. We had an amazing day at the photoshoot and I met several incredible ladies from around the office that I had not yet crossed paths with! It is SO great to know that I work along so many women who are willing to continue to push for a world toward equality! 
#LuckyWomenUnite #EachForEqual #CassondraJustineJewelry #LuckyBrand
As many of you know, supporting and encouraging women is major for me! It means so much that it is equally important for Lucky Brand to also spread that message and encourage an #EachForEqual world while pushing toward equality! I am grateful to have gotten to participate and hope that participating in movements like this will inspire more change in the world for equality. 
International Women’s Day is this Sunday, March 8th! Get it Ladies!
#LuckyWomenUnite #EachForEqual #CassondraJustineJewelry #LuckyBrand


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