Love You

I had a bit of hesitation to post about self love but I actually believe our successes stem from this alone! Not to mention this is something I used to struggle with so here it is-short and sweet! <3
So, I must tell you, there was a time that I had pretty much zero confidence. I have always been a bit of a thick girl and from being a kid about 12 through around the age of 22ish I was pretty self conscious about it. I would point out all of my flaws, constantly talking about them and reminding myself how terrible they all were. I still manage to find myself a bit hesitant at times for dressing a certain way or posting a photo that may have a "flaw" but for the majority of my day to day life I have made leaps and bounds.
I believe that my "zero to hero" moment began when I found something I was really passionate about (jewelry, duh) my whole mind shifted. I started focusing on what I loved and all the things I could create. I totally forgot the mean things I would say to myself and started praising myself instead!
It's so strange now for me to think about how I used to put myself down and pick myself apart. We only get one body -- we should love and appreciate everything this body does for us. But really, without it, we wouldn't be here!!
I do believe this social media world is a tricky one since everyone is consistently sharing their highlight reel. Regardless --whatever your body may be --- thin, fat, short, tall, skinny, thick, chubby, curvy, bony----anything else I may have missed? Start telling yourself how grateful you are for your body and all that it has done for you, no matter what extra curves, or lack there of you may have - your body and your brain are amazing tools and you only get one life to make the best of them! DON'T FORGET IT! ;)

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