Let's go, Ladies!

Hello Ladies! 
So sorry, I have been totally M.I.A. when it comes to my blog but I am back and better than ever! Knowing that Cassondra Justine focuses around women and empowering women I have realized how important it is to create the conversation around - *you got it!*-- WOMEN! My goal for Cassondra Justine is to be able to create community and bring together women so that we are able to empower and encourage each other on a day to day basis. That being said let’s start out our monthly WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY'S (coming to you the first Wednesday of every month--mark your calendars!) with a recent event -- The Savage X Fenty Fashion Show. 
rihanna at savage x fenty show
If you haven’t seen the Savage X Fenty fashion show -- you’re missing out! Check out the trailer here on Amazon Prime!
When is the last time you saw a woman that looks like YOU on a runway, a stage or a red carpet? Although, it is becoming more common to see women of all shapes and sizes, I believe it should be embraced even more! 
SAVAGE X FENTY BY RIHANNA (@savagexfenty) • Instagram photos and videos
I was over the moon watching the Savage X Fenty fashion show. Not only are there women of all shapes, sizes and race but they are all in ONE show and totally killing it! Savage X Fenty was an empowering and all inclusive show! Although I’m sure I can’t quite *break it down* like the ladies in the show, I was happy to see women that had bodies that were similar to mine at such a sought out event. It is so important that we continue to show women of ALL sizes because WOMEN come in all shapes and sizes. Curvy women, thin women, short women, tall women, women of all races, LGBTQ women and everything in between -- it is important for us to continue to see so that we are not constantly comparing ourselves to unrealistic or photoshopped images.  
As women, we should lift each other up and continue to embrace our differences because that is what makes us unique! You are BEAUTIFUL, don't ever forget it!
Keep scrolling to see a few of the stunning Savage X Fenty ladies! 

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