Embrace the Badassery!

bad·ass·er·yˈbadˌasərē/nounINFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN

  1. behavior, characteristics, or actions regarded as formidably impressive. "few of us can attain her level of badassery"

I have recently been inspired by many things, but one in particular I can't seem to stop talking about, thinking about, OBSESSING ABOUT. If you've been anywhere within 5 ft of me in the last 6 months(realistically closer to a year and a half, let's be honest) you probably know exactly what I'm about to say.... "OMG. You have to read this book!"

I swear this book has changed my life and I can easily say it's the reason I decided to start a lifestyle blog. I wouldn't consider myself a writer or really even someone that is worthy of "following" but what can I say?...the book convinced me to do it.

"Tell us the book already?!?!?!??" Ok, ok, getting there...Jen Sincero wrote an amazinggggg (it's the best book I've read to date and I actually think I should be getting paid to continue to promote it...*hint hint Jen*) book called You are a Badass. To explain the book is basically reading the title -- telling you all the reasons you can take on absolutely anything your heart desires! Essentially, it's a self help book, which sounds pretty depressing...BUT before I began reading it I was feeling good with where I was and definitely wasn't looking into self help.

Yes, I actually love this book so much that I carry it around at all times, apparently even hiking....kind of not joking...

Regardless, let me list a few things that I have done recently that I would accredit to reading this book....

+My recent move to California from the east coast

+Applying for an LLC to start my jewelry company

+Giving back on a regular basis - Batey Girls Monthly Jewelry Club

+Paying off TWO of my credit cards in 6 months (y'all that was tough!)

+Investing in my future - Acorns Investing

+Reminding me to ENJOY LIVING MY LIFE! Because isn't that what life is all about???

Basically, what I'm getting at is that the reason I decided to start a blog is because I would LOVE to be able to inspire others the way that this book has inspired me. I would like to create a platform to encourage you to live your absolute BEST LIFE -- whatever that means for you! We all have our struggles and triumphs and I hope me sharing mine with you can make a difference.

Please, follow me in this blogging journey -- whatever it may become--across all categories from fashion, food, art, health, travel -- you name it, I'll probably end up talking about it. I promise to include ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations as we LIVE OUR BEST LIFE together! <3

Don't forget to follow me on insta -- where I will most likely be chatting on there as well --> @cassondrajay

I would also like to add that I was pretty sick when we took this hike. Like, I went to the doctor the day before. My roommate convinced me I HAD to go and I'm so glad that he did! :)

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