5 Reminders I'm Taking into 2022

5 Reminders I’m Taking into 2022
Over the past few weeks I have been reflecting on 2021 and trying to plan out what 2022 may look like. I think that over the past few years we’ve all learned that planning only goes so far. Sometimes even the best laid plans just aren’t going to happen. Not that I’m not planning for 2022 – but before I get to that I thought I would remind myself of some lessons I’ve learned over the past year. 
Maybe some of these will resonate with you too. Take what you need, leave what you don't! 
1.Make more time for Play
This is something that I heard in a podcast a year or so ago. It is such a simple idea, yet it’s so freaking hard. Maybe it’s just me, but I struggle to do something if there is no end goal in mind. That being said – this is one of those things that has been necessary for me, my mental health and my creativity. Be messy, be random, make some real crap and then move on. No plans, just play! 
2. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up 
You never know the relationships that will blossom – or reblossom! (is that a word?) – and totally change your world. I have such a variety of incredible people in my life from lifelong friends, to friends I met through school or work, to virtual friends I’ve never even met in person. I will receive random messages of encouragement and support from these people and it totally lights me up! It is so important to truly cherish the relationships you’ve made and those who support who you are and who you’re becoming as well as those that will be your cheerleader when you need it most! 
3. It doesn’t benefit anyone for you to “fit in” 
Being you is your superpower!! This is a big one that is so easy to forget. Our brains so badly just want us to fit into the crowd in order to stay protected – but fitting in can feel so wrong! Guess what?! You don’t have to fit in at all! What you do need to do is to follow your heart and let it lead you in the directions that are meant for you. Don’t be like them, be like you. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it!
4. There is no right way to do things
Regardless of the topic at hand, everyone is going to have an opinion! It can be so easy to get overwhelmed with all the ways to complete a task that you just do nothing. Try not to let the voices of others, or the crippling thoughts of comparison get to you and stop you from doing whatever it is that you were headed toward. Maybe you will do the thing, then decide that it was the “wrong way”, but guess what?! You still did it and then learned why YOU felt it wasn’t right. Just do the thing and figure it out as you go! Done is better than perfect! 
5. Don’t Rush – Enjoy the Ride!
I have a hard time keeping myself in the present moment. I am constantly thinking or planning what my next move will be. I forget to enjoy the moment that I am in. I urge you to practice being in the moment and really feeling the feelings that come with it. This life is a rollercoaster of emotions, but you can’t appreciate all of them if you’re always in a hurry! When you slow down, the good moments are that much sweeter!
I hope at least one of these resonated with you! If so, I want to encourage you to share this blog post with a friend – maybe it can boost their spirits for the new year too! 
Cheers to you and a wonderful year ahead! Sending you so much strength and love always! -Cassondra

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